Installation and Repair

Engineering And Design

With 40 years experience in designing SCADA systems, clients can be confident in CSI’s engineering and design capabilities. Our staff of engineers has completed projects that vary widely in both scope of work and size of project. Throughout the design phase, we utilize the latest in design technology to assure the quality of the final product. From feasibility studies to full turn-key designs, clients can be confident that CSI has the experience required for their specific project needs.

CSI’s engineering and design team offers the flexibility required to adapt and adjust to project specific design needs. We strive to maintain open communication with the client throughout the design process so that the end product is something they can be proud of.

Installation Services

Control Systems has dedicated, experienced, and fully-equipped installation team ready to handle any installation needs, including control panels,antenna towers, installing fiber-optic cable, and networking SCADA computers.

CAD Drawings

CSI prides itself on the detailed CAD drawings produced for each job. A set of draft or working drawings and cable schedules are created and used during installation. CSI drawings detail wire type, size and color. Every wire and cable is uniquely identified on the drawings with an ID readily traceable between the wire in-site and the drawing sheet which optimizes troubleshooting.

 Panel Fabrication

CSI’s electrical panel fabrication shop is capable of meeting all needs for engineering, design, and fabrication of control panels and systems. We have a dedicated group of engineers, designers and technical craftsmen with years of design and fabrication experience in mechanical and electrical engineered systems. Panel assemblies range from small junction boxes to multiple PLC enclosure and DCS systems. Our facility can provide for inventory, fabrication, staging, and factory testing on even the largest systems.

For Service or Maintenance, please contact Bill Weathers at 601-355-8594. Ext. 751

Service and Repair

Control Systems offers 24/7 on-site troubleshooting for our systems. We also offer service support for non-CSI systems whether it is HMI, Electrical, or Electronics related.

Our well trained and knowledgeable technicians are a phone call away, and ready to take care of your needs.

Control Systems has fully equipped repair shop with qualified repair personnel. We currently repair products made by Control Systems.
Our products have been designed with backward compatibility as a high priority. If your product is beyond repair, a new CSI version will fit in the same foot print.

We offer maintenance contracts to maintain your system after the first year of warranty.


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